Tregloans offers a complete range of taxation services and advice to meet your business and statutory requirements.

We can also help manage your tax obligations through the preparation of:

  • Activity statements and income tax returns
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculations
  • Consideration of GST and FBT obligations
  • Advise on tax effective trust structures for asset protection
  • Management of ATO Audits, correspondence or disputes

Capital Gains Tax

When it comes to disposal of assets and increasing the income you make from assets that are subject to capital gains tax, Tregloans can ensure you only pay what is legally required under CGT legislation. With our expertise and understanding of the latest changes to CGT, you can minimise your tax liability by making the most of provisions, concessions and exemptions.

Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax is complex, but Tregloans can present you with opportunities to increase the take-home pay and benefits for employees through the effective use of salary packaging and understanding of FBT rules. You can benefit from our expertise by asking Tregloans to:

  • Review and assess the benefits provided to employees
  • Review and lodge your annual FBT returns
  • Identify new FBT opportunities and provide salary packaging advice


GST is a complex and potentially confusing system that affects every financial transaction you make. Tregloans can help make sense of GST with expert advice for your business, including:

  • Advising on registering for GST
  • Filing and adjusting GST returns and activity statements
  • Assisting with ATO audits and private rulings
  • Advising on the impact of GST on particular transactions

Land Tax Advice

Land Tax can be highly expensive for any owner of commercial or residential property. Tregloans can review your property ownership to ensure the correct amounts of Land Tax are paid and that property acquisitions are structured in the most cost-effective way possible to minimise future tax payments.

Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax is a significant and increasing cost to many business owners. Tregloans can help you with all areas of payroll tax including assistance with the calculation of the correct amounts of tax payable and strategic advice for businesses operating in multiple payroll tax jurisdications.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is payable on certain transactions, including the purchase of land, shares, vehicles, businesses and property. The amount payable varies from state-to-state and specialist knowledge is required for complex transactions. Tregloans can provide advice to ensure you only pay the amount of duty required by law, and can also provide specialist advice on more complex matters such share and unit transfers which can also create a liability to pay stamp duty.

Small Business CGT Concessions

If you own or operate a small business, there are special concessions that can apply to reduce your Capital Gain provided you satisfy the various conditions. How these tax concessions work should form a major part of any business strategy. The criteria for eligibility is ultimately determined by meeting various criteria set within the Income Tax Legislation. Tregloans can help you to review and determine your eligibility that will minimise any tax payable on the disposal of your capital gains.

Michael Fairlie
Michael Fairlie