At Tregloans we have a history of assisting our clients turn their business ideas into a reality. We have advised on all aspects of business start-up with many of these becoming successful thriving business ventures.

Business Start-Up

Your enthusiasm for turning a new business venture into a reality can be quickly dampened by the complexities and hard work that goes into planning for it. Tregloans can remove much of that frustration by:

  • Structuring your business correctly
  • Preparing a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets, forecasts and finance applications
  • Completing all the necessary registrations for a new business including company secretarial and ASIC matters
  • Setting up record keeping to meet statutory requirements and operational needs


Business Plan Development for New Businesses

Good up-front planning can help to ensure your new business idea is both viable and enduring. Tregloans can help you to establish a realistic and meaningful business plan that is both comprehensive and manageable. An established business plan can also help to secure funding that will underpin the development and growth of your business. We can help with either short or long-term business plans.

Structuring Advice

Every business needs an effective legal structure that governs its ownership and operation. Developing the most appropriate structure requires the consideration of many issues and their implications. Businesses need structure as well as flexibility to keep up with constantly changing taxation legislation. Tregloans can help with setting up a new structure and reviewing your current business structure to ensure you’re benefiting most.

Experience and Innovation

At Tregloans we have a history of assisting our clients. We put your business first and are with you every step of the way. We embrace innovation and new technology to assist our clients new business ventures.

Michael Fairlie
Michael Fairlie