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With both state and federal governments offering a range of business development grants we can assist you in identifying and claiming both grants and interest free loans. These sorts of grants and loans are awarded to businesses that match certain criteria and are given to whatever businesses apply and qualify first. Tregloans can introduce you to a range of programs specifically designed to increase research and business development expenditure. These grants can offset the costs of developing and growing your business.

We have assisted our clients claiming various state and federal grants including Export Market Development Grants.

Research & Development Tax Incentives

Right now, you could be claiming special refundable tax incentives on all of your research and development expenditure. This broad-based entitlement program supports businesses of any size. Tregloans can help you register and apply for tax incentives that can be used to support your drive to innovate through ongoing research and development initiatives.

We also use the unique One-Source software which allows our clients to easily monitor, manage and record their research and development activities. The use of this software allows you to work collaboratively with us to meet the requirements of the research and development tax incentive on an ongoing basis during the course of each year. This regular recording of information and ongoing assistance from our specialised team means that the registration process and claiming of the tax incentive is as easy as possible, which reduces your compliance costs and increases your cash benefit.

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